In Rome’s city center, there are countless celebrated public fountains. Pretty much all of them were designed, designed and built by one of the greatest sculptors and artists of the 17th century, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Also a city designer, he had capabilities as a water feature developer, and records of his life's work are obvious throughout… Read More

Having a pond in the vicinity of your garden water fountain is no longer necessary because they can now be situated on a wall near by. Nowadays, you can do away with digging, difficult installations and cleaning the pond. Due to its self-contained nature, this fountain no longer requires plumbing work. Regularly adding water is the only requirement… Read More

Water fountains were originally practical in function, used to convey water from rivers or creeks to towns and villages, supplying the residents with clean water to drink, bathe, and cook with. To produce water flow through a fountain until the late 1800’s, and produce a jet of water, mandated the force of gravity and a water source such as … Read More

There is an old proverb that the road best traveled is actually a river. River cruises are growing more trendy with tourists all the time. Additionally, this kind of cruising features more amenities than ever before. Cruises have always been a wonderful way to vacation but sailing the globe’s wandering waterways has been growing in appeal as… Read More

It is widely held that modern civilization was begun along the shores of Southern Europe – from the start of science and democracy to viticulture and art. You can explore the history of the “Old World” along its coasts. Whether you lay in the sun on the beaches of Spain and Italy, study the historical sights of Greece and Jerusal… Read More